What do you have to pay attention to?

and other questions & answers

Yes, that’s possible 🙂 Via “List” you can reserve more e-bikes and via “My Rides” you can then control the bikes separately (open, park, close & end rent).

During cycling, smartphone IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Please DON’T endanger yourself, other road users and especially our rental bikes 😉 In addition: If the police catch you, you can donate € 50,-.
Don’t forget: Helmets are mandatory for children up to 12 years of age!

To sign up, you must be 14 years old and you must deposit your credit card. And then: Of course, a smartphone and the GREEN4RENT app.

The individual prices are displayed in the app!

Everything your station offers, but usually you will be able to pedal top brands like Corratec, Univega, Electra and Husqvarna.

You can rent it for several days, but you have to come home to recharge (or you ask the station operator if you can borrow the charger).

The great thing about the e-bike is that you can ride with it even without electricity, you just have to pedal a little bit stronger. If your body ultimately yields less than the ambition, please contact our support (support@green4rent.eu).

Please contact the local provider or our support. (support@green4rent.eu)

The e-bikes are up to one year old, are charged daily and are top-maintained!

Nevertheless, we ask you to check your bike before you start your journey, if only in case:

Determine if you have enough air pressure in the tire: sit on the bike and exert maximum pressure with your body. Too few or no air? Then contact your local provider. He/she will be happy to help you inflate the tire.
Needless to say: the brakes of your e-bike must be functional. So before you start riding, check the bike brake – and especially the brake pads: Does the brake give way too much? Are the brake pads correctly on the tire?
The seat height must fit, otherwise it will be uncomfortable! So: Take the time and set the seat height right before departure. It is important that you can ride comfortably and you can reach the ground with your feet without any problems. If the height is then convenient, don’t forget to fix the saddle properly again…
… otherwise the rider crashes down.
The chain must lie correctly and must not be too loose. Lift the rear wheel and push the pedal with your hand.
Each bike must have sufficient reflectors: a white front and a red rear, sideways on the spokes and pedals.
As you know, you need a white bicycle light at the front and a red rear. As soon as it dawns please turn on, then the other road users will see you as well.