You want to fly around the area now, immediately with a top e-bike? How is this supposed to work? Quite easy and simple, namely as:

  • Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and get the GREEN4RENT app on your smartphone.

  • Sign up in the app. You will need to register your credit card for the rental.

  • CLICK. Choose the right e-bike from the map or the list

  • RENT. Unlock the e-bike with your smartphone and start:
    RIDE. Whether short distance or long trip, ride with the e-bike as long as YOU LIKE . Do you need a break or is the view even so beautiful: Just click on the “parking function” of the app and lock your bike.

  • Put the e-bike back at the station and lock it with your smartphone. Booking ended!
  • The rental fee will simply be charged upon return of the e-bike.